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Dear Friends & Valued Customers,

Since 1979, the Fresh Start Vitamin Co. has specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of Super Premium DAILY PACKET VITAMIN FORMULAS. We are committed to providing the highest quality and the most complete up-to-date Formulas that money can buy. Our unique Vitamin Formulas are scientifically formulated using a full spectrum of nutrients that work synergistically with each other, the end result being a very POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE product that really works. Every day we receive phone calls, emails and letters from customers telling us what our vitamins did for them and how more VIBRANT and FULL of LIFE they feel when taking them. Taking high quality nutritional supplements is a smart and inexpensive investment in your current health and future well-being. Everyone who takes them will benefit immensely. We are confident that you’ll find our DAILY PACKET VITAMIN FORMULAS and FUNCTION SUPPORT BOTTLE FORMULAS to be, by far, the most complete and most effective nutritional supplements you’ve ever used. I’ve been in the Nutritional Supplement Industry since 1965, and president/owner of Fresh Start Vitamin Co. since 1979. After all these years, with myself and my family taking vitamins, and after hearing thousands of testimonials from our customers, I am more convinced than ever, that if taken regularly, Vitamins, Herbs, and other Health-Enhancing nutrients will prevent disease and promote a lifetime of VITALITY, OPTIMAL HEALTH, and WELL-BEING, and will make an incredible difference in the way you LOOK and FEEL. In today’s fast-paced, fast-food, stressful, and polluted environment, the short-term and long-term benefits of Vitamin Supplementation are immeasureable. Having good health is priceless! Play it safe, and take Vitamin Supplements on a regular basis.

I wish you the best of health!

Bob Cole - President

Fresh Start Vitamin Co.

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