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I have been an admirer of your products for well over twenty years. To some extent, I can honestly convey these words, “Fresh Start Vitamins have saved my life.” And that is the truth! – Richard W. / Kent, WA

I’m a truck driver and was feeling really run down lately. I tried some of your Fresh Start Vitamins and feel like a new person. Awesome! – Terry W. / Genoa, OH

I have taken your supplements for years, but not been able to find them lately in the store I patronize. Your Herbal Start energy supplement is the best ever. I have COPD and I can not explain the relief and the energy this green pill gives. Thank you. - Susan F. / Rock Hill, SC

My doctor took a look at your Fresh Start supplement facts today and said your products were “GREAT.” - Jane Z. / Goodyear, AZ

I bought your Great Start vitamin pack at a Mini Mart in Washington State. Got awesome energy that was desperately needed as I am a worn out construction worker over 50 years old. It has single handedly put me back in the game! - Steve G. / No. Bonneville, WA

I bought your product at a BP station because I forgot my GNC vitamins, WOW these are great, had to order more. I’ve heard truck drivers talk about how good your products are, now I know it’s true. - Joseph W. / Waleska, GA

Just started taking Fresh Start Vitamins a couple of weeks ago and feel so much better. The response time was immediate. I have never had a supplement that showed such good results so quickly. I have hooked up my co-workers with your products and they seem to have everyone feeling better. Thanks. – Larry S. / Homosassa, FL

Bought your vitamins at a convenience store and had 2 days of pure energy…Unbelievable! – Kenneth H. / East Setauket, NY

I’ve bought your vitamins at truck stops for over a decade and am thrilled to find them for such a great price in bulk. No M.L.M. vitamin sales scheme can touch your value or quality! Thanks, customer for life. – Brett S. / Clarksville, TN

Thank you for being a great company. I love your products and I’m very pleased with the results I feel. Have a great day! – Sally E. / Portland, OR

I have been taking your vitamins for 25 years. I am 60 years old and I look like I’m 40! This must be true because enough people have told me this. I attribute this all to your Vitamins! Thank you so very much. – Brian D. / New York, NY

Thank you! Excellent service and product! – Loran M. / Chewelah, WA

My wife is absolutely amazed at the energy she has from taking Fresh Start vitamins. I take your vitamins regularly, so I knew their quality, now she too is a believer. Thanks for the great product and its affordability. – Ray S. / LaPorte, TX.

I will be fifty this year and have been using your products daily for over fifteen years. My family physician and I have not come across a product that provides results like your products. - Leonard K. / Vero Beach, FL

Thank you for the high quality vitamins. I almost never get sick. People will drop like flies around me but nothing sticks to me. I have been taking your vitamins for 10 years and used to get two upper respiratory infections per year! P.S., I like the colorful urine, when I don’t see it, I am reminded to take my vitamins. – Carl B. / Stockton, CA

I am a firefighter/paramedic in the city of Alameda, CA. I have been taking vitamins for years and have read the “Vitamin Bible” book years ago. The doses of vitamins I see in the stores don’t even come close to the doses needed to make a difference in your body. The vitamins I see in the stores now days are a rip off. Your products, on the other hand, have exactly what you need in the way of vitamin supplement, with doses that really make a difference. Thank You! Keep up the good work.- Phillip B. / Oakley, CA

These vitamins helped put my Crohn’s disease into remission. -  Bernard N. / Burbank, CA

Thanks for making my life happy, healthy, and so much more fun to live.  Your product WORKS! -  Anthony W. / Taylor, MI

I have taken your Ultra Start vitamin packs for over 2 decades. When I owned a construction company I also bought them for my employees.  The nutrients enabled my workers to perform better and with enthusiasm.  I have been in health food stores all over the United States and have not found a more comprehensive or inexpensive formula as yours.  I highly appreciate your presence. - Raymond K.

I wanted to share with you some incredible results from a health screening I took earlier today.  As a 61-year-old male, this was the first diagnostic ultrasound scan taken of my vascular system.  The ultrastenographer commented to me his extreme surprise at the healthy level of my carotid arteries.  He noted there was no calcium or cholesterol buildup on my artery walls and there was no thickening of the vessel walls either.  Given my health history and age, he was extremely interested to know what I do to stay in such a healthy condition.  I simply informed him of your company and the products that I take.  I strongly believe that my “clean bill of health” directly points to using your vitamin products. – Arnie W. / Palmdale, CA.

We love your products.  Your vitamins are the best we have ever purchased. - Ernesto C. / Glendale, CA

I would like to thank you for your kind and considerate gift in my shipment.  Mr. Cole, you and your staff are a class act in the cold hard world of business. You have earned my business for a long time to come.  I am floored by your kind gift of including a 7-day supply of Supreme Start and a bottle of Omega 3 along with your letter explaining why you were a couple of days late in shipping my order. Thanks you for your awareness and caring.  You have impressed me tremendously and now have another customer who will speak on your behalf for your company and service. – Harry B. / Jupiter, FL

You have the best vitamins.  Keep up the great work! – Frank T. / Seattle, WA

Your product, Super Start, has improved my work life as well as my private life.  Thank you! – Eddie S. / Carlsbad, CA

Thanks you for caring about your customers with intentionally better and superior quality products. – Charles W. / Salinas, CA

Thanks for making my every day a joy to live.  Without your excellent vitamins, life was boring and I got sick a lot.  Since taking your vitamins regularly, I have lost 78 pounds, and feel like a young man again.  It has sharpened my thought processes, and made me feel like taking part in life again! – Anthony W. / Taylor, MI

I am 41 years old and have been taking your Supreme Start Vitamin packs for about one month.  I have chronic bronchitis and about twice a year I get a chest cold that won’t clear without a trip to the doctor for a steroid shot and a round of antibiotics.  I started taking your vitamins as I felt a chest cold coming on this last time – after about a week of taking your vitamins (and nothing else) my chest cold cleared up without a trip to the doctor.  Great Stuff! -  Buddy L. / Ridgeland, MS

Thanks, this stuff is really working.  I run a construction company and used to finish work on Fridays and sleep most of Saturday because I was totally spent from the rigors of the week.  I’ve been taking these Ultra Start packs now for a month and find increased energy levels throughout the week, and on Saturdays I have energy and strength for errands and time with my two children. – Chris W. / Tulsa, OK

My husband swears by your product.  On June 6, 2006 he was rushed to the hospital as a result of a burst colon, he wasn’t expected to live. The doctors couldn’t believe that my husband made a full recovery, they said anyone else would be 10 times dead. Thanks to your vitamins I have a healthy husband today. – Armelio B. / Redondo Beach, CA

When asking a customer why he buys so many 30-Day boxes of our HEART START Vitamins, his reply was, “I’m a Heart Surgeon at a major Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve been buying your HEART START formula for the last several years. I give it to my patients who have had recent heart surgery, I find they recover about 40% faster than patients who don’t take it. My colleagues still don’t believe in Vitamins even though they know my patients heal faster and with fewer complications.” - Thomas J. / Brentwood, CA

I had a severe stroke two years ago that left me wheelchair bound. I started taking your SUPER START Vitamins along with your SUPER MEMORY SUPREME and CIRCULATION SUPPORT capsules. Today I am standing, walking and need no wheelchair. I am convinced that your Vitamins played a major role in my complete recovery. I can’t thank you enough for your products. - Anonymous

I work for the Portland, Oregon Police Department. I’ve taken your FRESH START Vitamin packets for the last 8 years. I never get sick, not even a cold. When I take your Vitamins, they just make me feel good. Without a doubt they are the best Vitamins I’ve ever used. - Greg S. / Happy Valley, OR

I'm 72 years old and have been taking Vitamin supplements for the last 40 years. I keep switching brands because nothing gives me the energy I need. One day I was visiting my son and he gave me a couple of ULTRA START packets. I took one packet and within an hour I had so much energy I couldn't believe it, and it lasted all day. Your products are unbelievable! I’m hooked! I now buy them direct on a regular basis. - Jim T. / San Antonio, TX

I'm 56 years old with a problem of frequent urination and decreased urine flow. I usually get up 4-5 times a night to go to the bathroom, and during the day I have to go every half hour. My wife has been taking your ULTRA START Vitamins for the last couple of years, she tried to get me to take them but I don’t. On a recent order she ordered me a bottle of your PROSTATE SUPPORT and it has completely changed my life. I can now sleep all night without having get up even once. After seeing how this product worked, I started taking your ULTRA START Vitamins and feel better now then I did ten years ago. - Leonard T. / Philadelphia, PA

I'm a long distance truck driver and recently purchased several of your SUPER START packets at the Pilot Truck Stop in Drums, PA. These Vitamins not only kept me more alert and increased my driving time, they worked a miracle on my lower back. I’ve had ongoing lower back pains for the last two years, a condition that plagues many truck drivers. Since taking your Vitamins, the pain has completely disappeared. If I go a couple of days without your Vitamins the pain comes back. It’s hard finding your Vitamins on the road, that’s why I want to buy direct from you. - Raymond L. / Palm City, FL

I'm a medical doctor in Florida who didn’t believe in Vitamin supplements until I tried yours. For the last couple of years, ever since I reached the age of menopause, I’ve had constant chronic migraine headaches that last most of the day. I’ve seen other doctors who have tried to help but nothing has worked. I was on vacation visiting my sister and she gave me one of your SUPREME START packets one morning after breakfast. Within an hour my headache completely disappeared and to this day has not come back. I now realize that my headaches were not caused by a medical problem but probably by a nutritional deficiency and that something in your Vitamins met that deficiency and cured me. I’m now an advocate for Vitamin supplements and recommend your products to all my patients. I’m a customer for life! Don’t ever go out of business, you have the best Vitamins in the world. - Gayle L. / Miami, FL

I recently tried your SUPER MEMORY SUPREME product that I purchased at a small health food store in New York City. It was a trial size of two packets. The results were amazing! I play crossword puzzles professionally, the day after I took one packet my ability to recall words improved dramatically. I want to buy them direct from your company by the case. - Robert E. / New York City, NY

I'm a pool contractor in Central Florida. I’ve been buying your SUPER START Vitamins for the last 2 years. I feel great all the time, however my employees are always coming to work tired and complaining, they just don’t have the energy I have. A week ago I gave them some of my SUPER START Vitamins to try. WOW, what a difference! Work productivity is way up and they now come to work raring to go. I now buy three 360-day supplies at a time and give them to my employees. It costs me about eighty cents a day per employee, but I get at least a couple of hours extra work out of each one of them every day. Supplying Vitamins to my workers is the best investment I’ve ever made. - James R. / Orlando, FL

As a result of driving a truck for a living, I have poor circulation in my legs. My legs get cramps and sometimes feel numb from all the sitting. Recently I tried your ULTRA START Vitamins and my leg cramps completely disappeared, I feel more circulation in my legs, and I don’t get tingling/burning sensations in my toes anymore. - Carlos C. / Garfield, NJ

I'm a traveling musician and was recently under the weather. One night I had to perform two shows but I felt rotten. I tried one of your FRESH START Vitamin packets and was very surprised and pleased with the results, so much, that I went back to the store the next day and bought the entire stock of your Vitamins. They are by far the best Vitamins I’ve ever used - Jack W. / Columbus, OH

I manage a Great Earth Vitamin store in Southern California. Recently a customer came in with a label of your SUPREME START formula, she wanted to know if we carried it or if we had a comparable product. I told her we didn’t have anything even close to it nor could we carry SUPREME START because our corporate office mandates us to carry only our brand of products. I was so impressed with the formula I called your company and am now using SUPREME START myself, it’s the most complete Vitamin formula I’ve ever seen. I keep your phone number handy for I recommended your products to many of our customers. - Anonymous

My husband is 64 years old and has been taking your SUPER START Vitamins since 1985. Recently I had to rush him to the hospital because of pains in his chest. The doctors checked his heart but could find nothing wrong. They kept him overnight and did a bunch of tests on him. When I picked him up the next day the doctors said the chest pains were probably caused by indigestion from spicy food he had eaten the day before. The doctors told him that his tests revealed the cleanest arteries and heart valves they had ever seen, and that it was absolutely remarkable for a 64-year-old man. The doctors didn’t want to admit it, but concluded that my husband’s super clean arteries were probably a result of him taking your Vitamins every day. - Kay M. / Oklahoma City, OK

I work for the Sheriff’s Dept. in Los Angeles. I consider myself a Vitamin connoisseur. I read everything I can on nutritional supplements and have been using them for the last 25 years. I recently called your 800 number and requested a free catalog. Upon receiving it, I reviewed your various Daily Packet formulas. Your formulas are incredible! I have never seen products like yours before, your products contain everything, even the expensive ingredients, and your prices are unbelievable! I wish I would have found your products 20 years ago. - Clarence J. / Los Angeles, CA

I run triathlons with my boyfriend. Recently he gave me a few packets of your SUPER START Vitamins to try. Since taking them I’ve noticed I have more endurance, can run longer distances, and work out for longer periods of time. I recommend your Vitamins to all my friends. - Linda W. / Redondo Beach, CA

I'm a college professor working at the UCLA Medical Lab. Each semester, as a class project, I have the students take various Vitamin products and break them down and analyze their components in the laboratory. They also check to see if the product contains that actual potency as stated on the label. They test dozens of brands and hundreds of products within those brands. Recently they tested some of your Daily Packet products. I’m calling you -to salute you- in your ethical standards and honesty in your label claims. We have tested your products many times over the last several years and the potency always meets or exceeds your label claims. I am very impressed for a lot of products we test don’t even come close to meeting their label claims. - Lab Professor / UCLA

My husband and I own a Vitamin Distributing Company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have been buying the GREAT START formula from Fresh Start Vitamin Co. for over 20 years. In addition to selling the product, I have been giving GREAT START to my mother who is now 94 years old. She still lives by herself, drives her car, is up all day keeping very active, and even jogs and plays tennis. When asked how she does it, she claims: ”It’s the Vitamins that keep me going. If I forget to take them for even one day, I can feel the difference in my energy level.” - Claire M. / Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I need to purchase more SUPER START Vitamins for my husband! Last Sunday my husband went to a friend's house to watch football, while there his friend had him try one of your SUPER START Vitamin packets. When he came home that night there was a significant change in his attitude, he wasn’t moody, and his whole demeanor had changed, he even said loving things to me. I asked him what had changed him and he said that ever since he took the Vitamins he felt less anxious and that a sense of calm had come over him. He also seems to be more focused and less self-centered. I don’t know what’s in these Vitamins, all I know is that I don’t want my husband to ever stop taking them. - Diane C. / Cleveland, OH

I work full-time as a welder. In addition, I play seven games of softball a week including two on Saturday and two on Sunday. I’m 56 years old and run circles around the guys in their early twenties. I attribute my excellent health and my youthful vitality to your Vitamins, I’ve been taking them since 1981. The younger players are envious of my boundless energy. Your Vitamins are the best! - Dwight T. / Glendale, CA

I‘ve been sending your MEGA JOINT SUPPORT capsules to my 85-year-old mother in Korea, she shares them with my two sisters and their husbands. They all have joint and arthritic problems in their shoulders, legs and hips because they still live the old fashion way of sitting and sleeping on the floor on thin mats. Within two weeks of taking your product, every single one of them said they have no more joint pain. They are so ecstatic over the results that I now ship them several dozen bottles a week and they are selling them to their friends and neighbors. - Yang C. / Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

When I turned 53, I started having severe menopause symptoms, such as, hot flashes, heavy perspiration, headaches and insomnia. I did not want to take estrogen products because of the Cancer risk. I was told about your Vitamins by a friend, she gave me a few packets of ULTRA START. Since taking your Vitamins my symptoms have completely disappeared. You recently came out with a MENOPAUSAL HORMONAL SUPPORT product that I just started taking along with ULTRA START. Your products are terrific! - Patricia K. / Phoenix, AZ

I‘ve been on chemotherapy for breast cancer the last couple of months. I had no energy to take care of my family, all I could do was sleep and feel sick. A friend from my church stopped by and told me to try these Vitamins, It was your ULTRA START formula. Within a couple of hours I felt pretty good and got up and did some cooking and housework. Your Vitamins are a life saver, they’re helping me get through this chemotherapy. - Elizabeth H. / Charlotte, NC

My wife ordered a 90-day supply of Vitamins from you last week and received a free bottle of your NUTRITIONAL GREENS. Let me tell you, that product is fantastic! I’ve had a serious constipation problem for years, which has caused me to develop hemorrhoids. I took two of those green tablets and the next bowel movement I had was completely normal, as a matter of fact it felt good. I now take two tablets a day along with the Vitamins. - Guy H. / Atlanta, GA

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