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What Makes Our Vitamins Different



We offer 10 SUPER PREMIUM - HIGH ENERGY - DAILY PACKET VITAMIN FORMULAS each catering to individual needs and lifestyles. Each formula contains a full spectrum of nutrients designed to promote OPTIMAL HEALTH and WELL-BEING. They are loaded with natural Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, and Trace Minerals, along with dozens of other Health-Promoting Nutrients. Our DAILY PACKET FORMULAS also include many of our popular FUNCTIONAL SUPPORT HERBAL BLENDS. These are custom formulated tablets and capsules loaded with potent herbs and other health enhancing nutrients that are extremely effective in promoting Optimal Health in targeted areas. They include: Circulation Support, Blood Support, Joint Support, Memory Support, Liver Support, Kidney Support, Bone Support, Prostate Support, Energy Support, Vision Support, and Sexual Energy Support. We have a formula just right for you!


Competitor Vitamin Packets, such as the ones you’d find in drug, grocery, discount and club stores, contain a pitiful 15-20 nutrients. Our full spectrum Daily Vitamin Packets contain between 137-221 nutrients, are 25-150 times stronger, and are up to 200 times more potent in biological activity than other products. Today, most vitamin products are manufactured to maximize the profits of the manufacturer, distributor and retailer. In order for them to do this, and keep the retail price low, they have no choice but to leave out all the expensive ingredients and cut the potency to practically nothing, thus leaving them with an inferior product that does not work. Their price may be low, but their product is nutritionally inferior. Some companies make their vitamins look appealing by listing dozens of popular nutrients on their label but the potency of each nutrient is so miniscule it wouldn’t have any effect on the body what-so-ever. A competitor’s label might state 10 milligrams of a particular nutrient, where as, our product might contain 500 milligrams of the same nutrient. Other companies deceive the consumer by taking an inferior product and charging a high price, so the consumer’s perception is, it must be good because it’s expensive. The marketing strategy of these companies is to sell their products to uninformed consumers who have little, if any, knowledge about the quality or potency of vitamins and how they work. This is the business philosophy of most large pharmaceutical companies, all multi-level marketing companies, and those who sell their vitamins on television. Our philosophy, on the other hand, is to provide, at a fair price, the Best Vitamin Formulas that money can buy. We use only the highest quality ingredients, utilize 4:1-20:1 extracts in many of our formulas, and we don’t skimp on, and/or leave out all the expensive ingredients.


Did you know that many tablets, capsules and softgels being sold in drug, grocery, and mass discount stores are being manufactured in China? That’s right! Many American companies order bulk tablets from China then have the finished bulk tablets shipped to their facilities in America, where it is then packaged and labeled under their own brand. It is not required that the American company state on its label where the tablets or capsules were actually manufactured. All the tablets, capsules, softgels, and packaging materials found in our vitamin formulas are manufactured in the United States in accordance to strict FDA cGMP standards and tested no less than three times to validate the authenticity and purity of the raw materials, and the potency of the finished product.


We work tirelessly in formulating products that really work. All of the tablets and capsules in our Vitamin Formulas are scientifically formulated using special nutrients that work synergistically with each other. The end result is a very POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE product that REALLY WORKS. Customers are always telling us that they can really “feel the difference” when using our products and benefit from them immensely. Our convenient DAILY PACKETS take all the guesswork out of taking Vitamins and ensure you of getting an extremely safe, highly effective, nutritionally balanced, Premium Dietary Supplement.


If you carefully review the Supplement Facts panel on our Vitamin Formulas on this website you are going to discover that our Formulas are simply UNBELIEVABLE! No Vitamin Packet product on the market today can come close to matching the completeness, the quality, the potency, or grandeur of our Vitamin Formulas. Every nutrient in our formulas was put there for a reason. By eliminating the broker, distributor, and retailer, and selling to you Direct, we are able to save you up to 65% OFF THE RETAIL PRICE. Over the last 37 years we have sold over 2.5 billion Vitamin Packets. Our formulas work, and are, without a doubt, THE WORLD’S BEST!


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